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Haze 101

Ever wonder what that "smoke" is that makes the lights look cool when you're out with your friends seeing your favorite band? No it isn't smoke, or fog--its haze. We're going to help you understand what haze is, why we use it and, how you can successfully incorporate it into your next event. What is Haze and why do we use it? "What is haze?" Haze is not the thick cloud of fog you might have seen a DJ use at a wedding reception. Haze is actually usually so thin in the air that you won't even notice that it's even there. You might be asking, "so why do you use haze if you can't see it? My lights look sweet without haze!" We don't disagree with you but when we don't use haze at an event you can

Four Lighting Ideas For Your Event

Lighting can make or break your event. If the lighting is too dark guests can miss important moments, or elements, of your event. If the lighting is too bright it can be a distraction and force people to lose interest. Great lighting can grab peoples attention, highlight certain elements, and create an incredible atmosphere. Using these four lighting ideas will help you create the lighting experience you, and your guests, want at your next event. 1. Uplighting Using uplighting is the simplest option out of the four but it gets you the most bang for your buck. Most venues, or conference centers, want to appeal to multiple clients so they use neutral colors and don't have a ton of "wow" factor

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